Pigs & Pigging-systems

PEAS82' scope of supply includes the following items:

(note: some of them produced locally with our partners to achieve local content)

A. Pigs for batching, separating, cleaning, gauging, filling, dewaxing and drying

All polyurethane-elastomer Pigs divided into:

  • Multi-purpose pigs with a solid, polyurethane body, c/w 3 (or 4) cups, out of which 2 cups can be replaced by a gauging-plate and/or circular-wire brush(es);
  • Single moulded pigs (so: interchangeable or replaceable parts), including Spheres (solid and/or inflatable models) and Flexi-pigs (fitted with Bi-Di discs).
    • Optional: different grades of p.u., foodgrade, FDA-approved p.u. and/or magnets.

Pigs suitable for short-radius (R= 1,5.D -> upwards) bends and pipelines with reduced ID's.

Metal Bodied Pigs

Available with HD (heavy duty) Cups, Conical (long-run) Cups, and/or Bi-Directional (sealers & guiders) Discs, as sealing elements. Suitable to fit with (a combination of):

  • Dual-diameter discs;
  • circular-wire brushes;
  • spring-loaded brushunits or plough blades;
  • magnet rings;
  • jetting head and/or by-pass facility;
  • gauging plate;
  • scraping-ring;
  • bumper-nose;
  • pinger/transmitter unit;
  • joint coupling;
  • pulling eye(s).

Pigs suitable for medium-radius (R = 3.D -> upwards) bends. 

Foam Pigs

Manufactured in different densities polyurethane, available as: 

  • Uncoated/bare;
  • spirally-coated;
  • full-coated;
  • criss/cross-coated;
  • silicone carbide-coated;
  • wire brush-coated (partially or fully attached).

Foam Pigs are suitable for passing tight (R<1.D) and mitred bends, pipeline-sections with significant ID-reductions and can be launched/received without the use of L/R trap or pig valve.

B. Pigging-systems, spares and services (PEAS82 & alternative brands)


  • Launcher and receiver traps (L/R);
  • quick-opening-closures (QOC), in different models, like threaded, toolless, etc.
  • pig passage indicators (Pig-Sigs), both 'intrusive' (mechanical and/or electrical output, connected by boss or flange, direct mounted or through a ball valve, and 'non-intrusive' models.
  • pig valve (API 6D) in top-entry or side-entry design for batching/separating - or cleaning purposes (optional with bypass facility).


  • Standard and conical cups in p.u., neoprene, nitrile and viton;
  • discs (sealing & guiding) in the same materials;
  • gauging plates (in steel and aluminium, straight or slotted);
  • brushes (circular-wire and spring-mounted in carbon-steel, stainless-steel or nylon), fitting all types of pig-bodies;
  • spare seals and accessories for closures and pig valves. 


  • Pipeline-inspection, maintenance and cleaning;
  • pipeline profile and evaluation;
  • pigging tools inspection, cleaning and maintenance (frequently operated by one of our services centers abroad).

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