Spheres and Accessories

PEAS supplies a range of accessories such as: valve cap removal tool, valve core removal tool, filling connector, diameter calibrated sizing tape, sizing ring as well as sphere release fingers and hand operated-sphere lifter and -inflation pump. Meter prover quality spheres available.   


  • Spheres are extremely versatile pipeline tools;
  • For product separation, batching and swabbing;
  • Capable of evacuating liquids from pipelines;
  • Will remove condensate from natural gas pipelines;
  • Suitable for hydrostatic  testing applications;
  • Spheres operate bi-directionally;
  • Suitable for automated separation and batching operations;
  • Ideal for a meter prover mechanically-defined interface;
  • Suitable for R=1 D bends, temperature range -- 35<C<85
  • Sphere flow tees should be fitted when side branch is great than 25% of line size.


Model nomenclature:

S - SPH: Solid Spheres, sizes 1,5"-8"

I - SPH: Inflatable Spheres, sizes 3"-36"

Design Specifications

  • Thick walled polyurethane elastomer providing exceptionally good physical and chemical-resistant properties.
  • Seamless construction and constant wall thickness.
  • Available in hardness range between 40 and 85 shore A.
  • 3" thru 14" models have single Schrader-type valve.
  • 16" thru 36" models have two large-bore Schrader valves.
  • Valves protected with hexagon-headed brass sealing plug.

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