Cleaning Pigs

PEAS Cleaning Pigs are designed for use in the pre-commission and onstream cleaning of pipelines, transporting crude oil, refined products, lube oil, petro chemicals and natural gas, for which purpose several brush/cup combinations are mounted on a welded steel body.

On models CLE.1 up to CLE.8 a stiff body is used, on models FL.C.1 up to FL.C.4/1 two welded steel body sections are linked by means of a joint coupling inside a coil spring (exception: FL.C.2, which model has a very stiff coil spring as body).

Flexible means better sealing in bends.

All carbon components are coated for resistance against corrosion and chemicals.

Pigs will pass all round, full opening gate and plug valves, modern check valves and tees with full diameter branch at 90 or 45 to pipeline; guide bars recommended across opening when branch is 75% of pipe i.d. Pigs equipped with PEAS wear resisting polyurethane cups, type PU.C.1 (4"-14") or PU.C.2 (16"^). A partial flow by-pass facility through body of pig (including threaded bypass plugs), optional to prevent piling up of loosened material.

Pigs can also be equipped with polyurethane guards to prevent metal to metal contact. For this purpose steel or stainless steel brushes are replaced by perlon brushes and the spring mounted brushes are replaced by polyurethane blades.

On request some pigs can be modified to be used in Itag Pic valves.

Model nomenclature

CLE.14"-14"for cleaning pipelines with small to medium deposits1,5 D
FL.C.14"-14"flexible feature of CLE.1; 2 cup/brush combinations1,5 D
CLE.24"-14"for cleaning pipelines with medium to heavy deposits7 D
FL.C.24"-14"flexible feature of CLE.2; 3 cup/brush combinations1,5 D
CLE.34"-14"for cleaning pipelines with heavy deposits on side wall9 D
FL.C.34"-14"flexible feature of CLE.3; 4 cup/brush combinations3 D
CLE.44"-14"for cleaning pipelines with heavy deposits; extra cup9 D
FL.C.44"-14"flexible feature of CLE.4; 2 brush/cup combinations3 D
CLE.4/14"-14"for cleaning pipelines with heavy deposits; 2 cups6 ft.
FL.C.4/14"-14"flexible feature of CLE.4/1; 8 spring mounted brushes or 4 cups1,5 D
CLE.4/1 +
4"-14"cups + brush springs offer the economy of fewer changes by flexing outward to maintain a positive seal and brush pressure; brushes flex inward to avoid obstruction. 8 brushes covering complete inside wall area.
CLE.516"^for cleaning pipelines with heavy deposits on the wall.1,5 D
CLE.5/116"^for cleaning pipelines with very heavy deposits: up to 30" R=108"; 30"^ R=3 D. Equipped with arched springs, which give long service without taking a permanent set. Spring assembly is released by removing one pin only.3 D
CLE.6-816"^for cleaning/batching pipelines with heavy deposits. CLE.6+CLE.7 are equipped with 3 cups and CLE.8 is equipped with 4 polyurethane cups.1,5 D

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