Cups & Rings

Cups and rings are manufactured of resilient strong wear resisting polyurethane which can be mounted onto various types of pigs.

The advantages of polyurethane compared to the conventional rubbers are:

  • strong wear resistance
  • tough tear resistance
  • hardness combined with continuing elasticity
  • low weight
  • constant lasting against oil, chemicals, sunlight, water


  • Abrasion resistance: less then 70 mm' (0,079 gram) acc. to DIN 53516
  • Tear resistance: between 30-50 n/mm, acc. to EEG.G.5.
  • Hardness: between 81-850 Shore A, acc. to DIN 53505
  • Elongation: over 400%, acc. to DIN 53504
  • Tensile strength: over 20 n/mm', acc. to DIN 53504


PEAS Cups and rings are available for pigs suitable for various operations.

Type of PigsModel to be used

Cleaning - Separation - Gauging - Batching - Flexible pigs

PU.C.1 and PU.C.2

Reversible pigs and 2-dimension pigs

PU.R.1, PU.R.2 and M.S.C.

Long Run pigs or Multi Purpose pigsLR.C.1 and L.R.C. 2

Solid Elasto pigs and Pig Valve pigs

SOL and PVC.i

Dimensions 0

From 2"-14" and 16"-36"
Larger sizes 0 upon request.


Cups and rings can be manufactured in different designs and shapes according to particular request.

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