Multi Purpose Pigs


PEAS' MUL-range are multi-purpose pigs. One basic body- and cup design is used for almost all pigging procedures. The basic pig is used for batching/separating purposes (MUL.1.). Simply bolt on a gauging plate and it becomes a gauging pig (MUL.2.). Easily fitted conversion kits provide either full internal pipe converage for cleaning operations, using circular wire brushes (MUL 3/CWB.), spring loaded brush-units (MUL.3.), or polyurethane blade units (MUL.3./1.) or provide increased sealing (separating) effect by means of a 3rd (MUL.1-3.) or even a 4th cup (MUL.1-4.)

The front end of the pig has a special polyurethane guard, that prevents metal to metal contact during pigging and therefore makes the pig suitable for use in internally coated pipelines (round top optional).

The pig is lightweight, whereby the body is made from either polyurethane (models -> 16") or carbon steel (models 16" ->) incl. anti. corrosion treatment and is easy to assemble and maintain.

Optional is a flow-bypass facility incorporated into the body of the pig, which reduces the pig speed and increases the cleaning efficiency. The 2 cup-model pigs will pass through 3 D radius, 90 bends (3- and 4-cup model: 5 D) and full diameter side entry tee-branches. Guide bars recommended across opening when branch is 75% or more of pipe ID. The typical multi-purpose features are available in size 4" and larger.

The basic cup is model L.R.C.: the tapered design of these Long Run Cups means a larger wear surface, which warrants a longer cuplife, excellent sealing and flexibility features, enabling the pigs to pass constrictions of appr. 20% in pipediameter, caused by ovality, and dents etc.

The cups are manufactured of resilient, strong wear resisting polyurethane. The advantages of polyurethane, compared to the conventional rubbers are:

  • Strong wear resistance, tough tear resistance, low weight;
  • Hardness combined with continuing elasticity;
  • Constant lasting against oil, chemicals, sunlight, water, etc.

 Model Nomenclature

  • MUL.1. (4"-36")
    For batching operations in Long Distance or LD pipelines, equipped with 2 cups (model 1)
  • MUL.2. (4"-36")
    For gauging operations in LD pipelines, model 1 is equipped with a mild steel or aluminium gauging plate.
  • MUL.3/CWB (4"-16")
    For cleaning operations in LD pipelines, model 1 is equipped with circular wire brushes (steel or perlon) or;
  • MUL.3. (10"-36")
    equipped with spring mounted brushes for removing hard, thin pipe deposits (such as mill scale, rust etc.) or;
  • MUL.3/1 (10"-36")
    equipped with spring mounted blades for removing soft thick pipe deposits (wax, paraffin, sludge etc.).
  • MUL.1-3. (4"-36")
    For increased sealing/separating effect, model 1 is equipped with 1 extra polyurethane cup or;
  • MUL.1-4. (10"-36")
    equipped with 2 extra polyurethane cups for batching products with critical interface contamination points or very long runs.



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