Pig Valve Pigs


Pig Valves permit simple and quick launching and receiving of complete PEAS/P.V. range of pigs. Sizes between 2"-24" and ratings between AINSI 150-1500 (alternative: DIN).

The advantage of the pig valve, in comparison with conventional pig traps, lies in the easy installation and simple pig-handling procedure as well as the reduced space required, owing to the short overall length. To perform pig launching and receiving the valve is equipped with a trap at the side, mechanized by a closure/opening device.

3 types:

  • PC standard pig valve, for cleaning purposes.
  • PS with reduced ball bore, for separating purposes.
  • PB as bypass pig valve: no complete flow stop during pig-handling.

Further details: see pig-valve documentation.

Special PEAS/P.V. pigs, length not exceeding 1.45 x pipe i.d. are available for following operations:

Type of operationModel of pig to be used
Separating/batchingCL. SR. is or sphere
Cleaning/scrapingCL. SR. is
Cleaning/brushingCL. SR. is B
GaugingCL. SR. is G
DryingFOA 1-2 range
MultifunctioningPU 1-6 range
Special applyingUpon customer's request


Further details: see PEAS P.V. piggy piggy documentation

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