Reversible and Multi-size Pigs

Application 1

Designed for pigging operations inside pipelines, whereby the pig can travel in both directions. The standard model is mainly designed for use during hydrostatic testing procedures, i.e. filling and dewatering operations both during construction and periodically thereafter. Therefore the light weight, welded steel body is equipped with 4 polyurethane rings, 2 at front and 2 at the rear end, self-locking nose cones are fitted to each end of the pig, whereby a by-pass facility through the pigbody itself is optional (jetting possible!) The minimum of different pig components allow easy replacement of the rings, but also easy pig conversion for cleaning-and/or gauging applications with a variety of accessories. An all polyurethane bidi-pig available (FLR.2), whereby 6 rings and body are moulded as one-piece model.

All carbon steel components are protected with an anti-corrosion and chemical resistance finish. Pigs will negotiate 1,5 D radius bends (4" and 6", R = 3 D) and pass through full diameter tees, ball and conduit valves; guide bars recommended when side entries of tees are above 70% pipe I.D.

All rubber parts are made of resilient strong water resisting polyurethane; the reinforced middle center prevents the active working part from tearing on long runs. The advantages of polyurethane compared to conventional rubber types are: - strong wear resistance; - tough tear resistance; - hardness, combined with continuing elasticity; - low weight and constant lasting against most liquids and gases, transported through modern pipeline systems.


Application 2

Special discs (M.S.C.) are developed, to be used in combination with rings (PU.R.1) for pigging small to large or large to small pipes through standard reduce of sewage; these multisize cups are mainly fitted on cleaning pigs, whereby spring mounted brushes are used (MS.CLE.4/1 and MS.FL.C.4/1). 


Model nomenclature

For use in PIG VALVES the pigs are equipped with special polyurethane guards instead of steel nose cones, in order to reduce pig-length as well as to prevent metal to metal contact in the ball. 


PU.R.1 (4"-14")
for use on reversible pigs, or in combination with M.S.C. discs.

PU.R.2 (16"-36")
for use on reversible pigs from 16" up

M.S.C. (4"-16")
combinations 4"x6"; 6"x8"; 8"x10"; 8"x12"; 10"x12"; 10"x14"; 12"x14"; 12"x16"; 14"x16".



REV.1/2 (4"-14")
welded steel body, equipped with 2 rings at front, 2 rings at the rear; central bolted.

REV.3 (16"-36")
same build up as model REV.1/2, however bolted on pich circle.

FL.R.1 (4"-14")
flexible body by means of joint coupling inside a coil spring, equipped with 2 rings at front and 2 at the rear.

FL.R.2 (2"-14")
flexible, all urethane model where 6 rings (3 at front, 3 at the rear end) and body are molded as one-piece unit.

MS.CLE.4/1 (4"x6"-14"x16")
welded steel body with 2 M.S.C. discs at front and 2 M.S.C. discs at rear, in combination with 1 set of spring-mounted brushes.

MS.FL.C.4/1 (4"x6"-14"x16")
welded steel body, linked by means of joint-coupling inside coil spring, equipped with 4 M.S.C. discs + 1 set of spring-mounted brushes.

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