Separation- and Bathing Pigs

Separation- and Batching-pigs are designed essentially for displacing-/separating fluids and/or clean-out batching operations, i.e. filling and emptying pipelines, water testing etc. The steel bodies are equipped with a guide nose and 4 replaceable polyeruthane P.E.A.S.-cups, type PU.C.1 (2"-14") or PU.C.2. (16"- up), which warrant a more stable pig-run in the line, which means longer cup-life and better cup-seal through bends and fittings. FL.P.1. equipped with 6 cups.

Pigs will negotiate full diameter tees, ball and conduit valves; guide bars recommended across opening when branch is above 70% of pipe I.D. For all models by-pass facility optional.

Model nomenclature:

SEP.1.: (2"-8")
Compact short steel body equipped with 4 cups mounted closely together, sizes 2"-5" will negotiate 3 D radius bends, 6" and 8": R = 1,5 D

SEP.2.: (10"-14")
Welded steel body with 2 cups at front and 2 cups at rear; the longer model of the body avoids risks of somersaulting. Suitable for bends of radius R = 1,5 D.

SEP.3.: (16"-36")
Equipped with 2 cups at front and 2 cups at rear. With a set of spring mounted brushes easily to convert into cleaning pig, model CLE.8. Suitable for R = 1,5 D bends.

FL.S.1.: (4"-14")

Welded steel body with joint coupling inside coilspring, equipped with 2 (or 3) cups at front and 2 (or 3) cups at rear: to be used in pipelines with sharp mitred bends.

BAT.1.: (4"-14")
Welded steel body equipped with 4 cups which are mounted at equal distance from each other; suitable for bends of radius R = 7 D.

BAT.2.: (16"-36")For all models possibility to attach gauging plate; when ordering gauge gauging plate the precise diameter has to be mentioned. For use in Itag pig-valves overall length of pigs can be adjusted to fit.

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