Solid Elasto Pigs

Solid Elasto Pigs are completely manufactured from polyurethane and therefore highly suitable for internally coated pipelines. By use of a polyurethane flexible body shaft, the pigs will easily traverse very short radius bends with a minimum of pressure fluctuations and leakage.

Guide bars recommended when branch opening is min. 75% of pipe I.D.

Sizes 2" - 16" Bigger sizes at request.

The exceptional wear-resistance of the polyurethane cups, combined with a unique cup design, gives maximum scraper and sealing effect. The cups have good resistance to most products carried carried through pipelines, such as natural gas, crude oil, refined hydrocarbon products, most chemicals, vegetable oils and food products.

3 types 

  • Gauging pigs, model SOL.G.1. or SOL.G.2.:
    Equipped with 2 or 3 cups and steel gauging plate; when ordering, the exact size of the gauging plate (also available: stainless steel or aluminium) has to be specified.

  • Separation/Batching, model SOL.SB.1. or SOL.SB.2.:
    Equipped with 3 or 4 cups up to customers specification.

  • Cleaning pigs, model SOL.C.1 or SOL.C.2.:
    Equipped with 2 or 3 cups and 2 or 3 circular steel wire brushes. Also available with stainless steel brushes or with perlon brushes for internally coated pipelines.

All pig-parts are easy replaceable, as well as interchangeable, and can be ordered as: Spare parts:

  1. Driving cup
  2. Body shaft
  3. Diabolo spacerset
  4. Ring spacer
  5. Socket head screw
  6. Lock nut
  7. Steel locking ring
  8. Circular steel wire bush
  9. Steel gauging plate



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