Tracing Pigs

Application - gauging pigs

PEAS gauging pigs are used in the pre-commissioning of pipelines to prove internal roundness, for removing construction debris and to ensure that there is no excessive weld penetration.

The classic-design pig is build as a welded steel body, fitted with 2 wear resistant, easy replaceable polyurethane driving cups and equipped with a gauging plate. The gauging plate may be either carbon (mild) steel or aluminium alloy and machined to customer's specification, normally 90% to 95% of the internal pipe diameter.

Model nomenclature

- GAU 1 (2"-14") welded steel body equipped with 2 cups and gauging plate.

- GAU 2 (16"-48") welded steel body equipped with 2 cups and gauging plate.

Other typical configurations of gauging pigs are the modified batching models (bi-directional or uni-directional, whereby one sealing-element (disc or cup) is replaced by the gauging plate.


Application - location equipment

PEAS ORT-location system has been designed to cover a wide range of tracking- and precise location -applications of a stopped pig. The system consists of a transmitter, a receiver and an antenna (earphones optional) and can be operated over long periods under difficult conditions. The transmitter, attached to the pig, produces a low frequency electromagnetic signal. The magnetic lines of this signal penetrate pipeline-wall and -soil. Piglocation receivers amplify the received signals and provide a visual and audible indication. The number of recognized impulses is stored together with date and time.

Model nomenclature

- transmitters, suitable for all PEAS-pigs:

ORT 3-80: 80 hours lifetime for pigs - 3" UP

ORT 8-175: 175 hours lifetime for pigs - 8" UP

ORT 20-250: 250 hours lifetime for pigs - 20" UP

ORT 20-500: 500 hours lifetime for pigs - 20" UP

- receiver units, applicable for all transmitters above:

ORT-D, consisting of: receiver/display; antenna; handcarrybox and optional earphones.

For offshore application we supply the PINGER: an acoustic pig transmitter, type NAUTRONIX (HELLE) in models 2475 (6" UP), 2481 (8" UP), or 2434 (12" UP).


Robust and reliable - the receiver unit

The pig-locating receiver unit is equipped with CMOS technology and a corresponding microprocessor. The receiver is able to precisely process and store the received signals. The different reception modes permit pig velocities below and above 1 m/s and continuous-wave transmitters to be acquired. The rugged cast aluminium enclosure (IP 54 rating) ensures that the unit can be employed under the most adverse conditions. An easily accessible robust sealed keypad contains all control elements. The 4-line LCD display features background lighting. Connectors (data transfer and earphones) in twist-proof bayonet technique are protected by water-proof caps.

The complete receiver unit including receiving aerial (IP 54 rating) comes in a shock-proof aluminium transportation case.


Suitable transmitters for any application...

All pig locating transmitters employ energy-saving CMOS technology. Quartz-controlled frequency conditioning provides a transmitter frequency that remains extremely accurate for years. Structured into the equipment classes 80 hours, 175 hours, 250 hours, 500 hours, and continuous-wave transmitter, PEAS pig-locating transmitters cover a multitude of potential applications.

...and in suitable design

All PEAS pig-locating transmitters are made from high-quality materials: aluminium, stainless steel, and polyamide. This enables the transmitters to be employed without any problems in oil, water, gas and other non-aggressive media. While 80-hours and 175-hours transmitters are produced as trailed transmitters, (or carried inside a cavity by a foam pig) or self-propelling transmitters, 250-hours and 500-hours transmitters are manufactured as flanked transmitters. PEAS 82 will assist you if you need a customized version.

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